What is #ValentinesForAll

#ValentinesForAll is a social cause campaign started by Eminence Cufflinks to make Valentine’s Day an occasion that celebrates all love instead of the narrow subset of love between mainstream couples. Namely, we want families, friends, and LGBT couples to be represented in Valentine’s Day activities.

The problem

In order to get the highest return on investment, Valentine’s Day activities and events generated by businesses are overwhelmingly targeted at the larger faction of mainstream couples. A quick Google search for “What to do on Valentine’s Day” reveals that, out of the top 100 results:

  • 87% of results are activities and products targeted at couples
  • Only 3 results are for families
  • Just 1 result talked about celebrating friendship
  • 0 results were catered to LGBT couples

What we are doing

The main aim of #ValentinesForAll is to let business know that we want to celebrate other forms of love as well, and that it is worth their investment to create such events. We’ll be doing this through 2 channels:

  1. Kaleidoscope: a series of short and personal stories of love between families, friends, and LGBT couples.
  2. #ValentinesForAll Photo Contest: Share a photo with somebody special to you on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ValentinesForAll. Eminence is partnering with other socially-responsible organizations to pledge attractive prizes for the best photos!

Why are we doing this?

Because we support liberalization and freedom. Eminence and our partners believe that we should have opportunities to embrace all forms of love, and not just those that generate the most profits for big businesses. An inclusive society definitely benefits the economy, as we engage with people based on merit instead of prejudice. However, an over-commercialized Valentine’s Day systemically discriminates against other forms of love.

As a company that predominantly generates our revenue online, Eminence is a beneficiary of freedom. Where markets used to be dominated by the big companies who could afford to drown smaller companies by splurging on marketing, the internet has empowered us to reach our audience by providing simple, quality services. This has enabled us to bring you better value at lower prices.

How you can help

#ValentinesForAll doesn’t need a single cent from you! We only need you to add your voice to a growing group of people who are speaking out for underrepresented forms of love.

A separate, non-commercialized page for this campaign has been set up as we do not want the traffic to benefit our sales in any way. Head over there now and find out how you can help while standing to win attractive prizes!

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