Why don’t we celebrate on Valentine’s Day, the love between

mother and child;
same-sex couples;

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Celebrating all love

of Google’s top 100 search results for “What to do on Valentine’s Day” were activities targetted at dating couples, in contrast with only 3 for families and just 1 for friends.

None of the results were explicitly written for LGBT couples, even as 1.8% of men and 1.5% of women* identify as gay or lesbian.

*2013 NHIS data

Valentine’s Day activities and events are catered only to mainstream couples because businesses think that only they celebrate this special occasion.

This year, Eminence is campaigning for change with 2 initiatives:


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This cause doesn’t need your cash – only your heart, and a space on your social media.

Embrace love between family, friends, and LGBT couples and stand to win attractive prizes!

1. Snap a photo of yourself with someone special (friend, family, partner)

2. Share it on Facebook or Instagram with a special story about your relationship with this person.

3. Challenge a friend to Speak Out Now by tagging him/her.

4. Include the hashtag #ValentinesForAll so that we can find you!
Contest ends 14th Feb 2359 hrs

Help send a message to businesses that we want to celebrate love in other forms as well.


Eminence is teaming up with Floral Garage to reward you for speaking up for all love.

The following will be pledged as prizes for winners of the #ValentinesForAll photo contest:

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